Budapest and Hungary are famous for its history, scenery and wines for centuries, but why it is a popular destination for tourists is now the services it provides for their health.

Good news for Irish dental patients is that they do not need to get to Hungary for their dental implants as Hungarian dentists in Dublin offer the same level of service half the price in Drogheda.

Budapest and the whole country is famous for its spas, which do not only offer massages and various relaxing or stimulating procedures, but also the thermal and mineral waters that are meant to cure various diseases. Balneotherapy and hydrotherapy are blooming here, since arthritis and fibromyalgia are common, and these are exactly what these thermal waters have been proven to cure. And if there is no need to take medications, but instead all you need to do is relax in the healing water to get better, then why would you go anywhere else?

Since Budapest is a popular destination for spas for decades now, the country has also developed other health-related fields. So, if you have problem with your teeth, then why not come here and enjoy the relaxing time at a spa on one day and get dental treatment on the other.  Visitors from Scandinavian countries can really take advantage of the price difference in dental costs. For example Budapest Tannen Dental has a price advantage of about 70% on the local prices in Oslo, Norway. Very similar savings can be reached in case of a Australian dental patient that gets a full mouth dental restoration in the capital of dental tourism.

Hungarian schools of medicine and dentistry have such a great reputation that students come here from all over the world, even from the United States. This is why all our professionals are trusted and all their patients are satisfied with the results, regardless of whether they had a problem with their teeth, or with their looks and they look for hair transplants abroad. To check out the latest video on youtube click this link and find out more!

The Swiss patients also long for favourable prices then the local one – as the costs have gone up with strong Swiss Frank (CHF) – and more and more dental patients look for dental treatment in Hungary. The so called “Budapest Zahnklinik” is one of the terms they should look for on google.

There is no other country in the EU that offers such a high quality of hair transplants, as well as other procedures of cosmetic surgery at such an affordable price: French people can save 50% on hair implants (see more on If you want to get rid of your wrinkles, or if you want to cure your hair loss, it is the perfect destination, especially if you would also like to spend some quality time with your partner or family afterwards.